StarrEd LLC – Teresa Sakurada

Bring back the fun in choosing books! Real samples to review, free digital trials, quick turnarounds, and a stress-free experience.



Please call 808-685-8900 or email Teresa Sakurada at sales at starredllc dot com with any questions.   Mahalo.

1.  Where do I send the PO?

  • Fax to 808-685-8900 or
  • Mail to :  Publisher Name | c/o StarrEd LLC-Teresa Sakurada | PO Box 2241 | Ewa Beach, HI  96

2.  What is the  Hawaii State DOE vendor #?

  • Capstone DOE # 143890
  • ABDO Publishing DOE #115382
  • Lerner Publishing DOE #113436
  • Cavendish Square DOE #144848
  • Salem Press DOE #038200
  • Capstone Classroom DOE #143886

3.  How do I get FREE shipping & processing?  See below or contact me 808-685-8900 or sales at starredllc dot com.

  • Sign-up for Capstone Rewards for Capstone.
  • Purchase +$350 for ABDO Publishing, Lerner Publishing, and Cavendish Square.
  • Salem Press orders are free shipping & processing.
  • Sign-up for Capstone Rewards for Capstone Classroom. Capstone Classroom books have no library processing.

4.  May I get a FREE trial or Demo?

 5.  How do I redeem my Capstone Rewards?  See below or contact me 808-685-8900 or sales at starredllc dot com.

  • To redeem your points, login at   Select “Redeem Points.”  Enter the amount of points to redeem.  You may redeem in increments of 500 (500 points = $5.00 certificate).  You can redeem as many points as you have available.  
  • Enter the amount of points  to redeem.  Click “submit”.   An Award Certificate will be generated.  You will also receive your Award Certificate by email.
  • Attach the Award Certificate to your Capstone PO.  The certificate amount will be deducted from the purchase price. Only purchases made directly through Capstone can use redeemed points.
  • An Award Certificate can pay for the entire order.  A PO is not needed if the Award Certificate covers the entire order.